Caring for your fur

Some fur types are more durable than others, but generally they have a long lifespan. One of the most commendable aspects of fur is that when cared for, it is possible to pass down a garment from one generation to the next, or to get it remodelled into a garment with an entirely different look.

You can prolong the life of your fur by allowing it to hang freely (not in a garment bag) from a broad or padded hanger. Keep your fur in a dark, cool and well ventilated area, not in direct sun, which can cause your fur to fade.

Avoid keeping your fur near direct heat sources, as high temperatures are damaging to fur and leather. If your fur gets wet in the rain or snow, allow it to dry naturally and give it a shake.

Fur can be cleaned, but only by a furrier with fur cleaning services. Please do not wash your fur in water or take it to a 'standard' dry cleaner. Fur is cleaned with a tumbling process involving sawdust. The chemicals at a standard dry cleaner can damage your fur.

During summer, or if you don't plan to wear your fur for a while, store your fur with a professional furrier who has a fur storage facility if possible.